Expansion Joint Services Lancaster, PA

Expansion Joint Services in Lancaster, PA

Expansion Joint Services in Lancaster, PA

Parking deck expansion joints are designed to move as the building blocks of the parking deck flex under load. Expansion joints commonly flex several inches as a result of load changes. Expired expansion joints can restrict movement of the deck, resulting in damage to structural components. Additionally, malfunctioning expansion joints can allow water to enter the system resulting in corrosion of building materials.

Our parking deck expansion joint replacement services include removal of expired expansion joints, and replacement of expansion joints with new, long-lasting materials in order to preserve the functionality of the joint structure.

Concrete expansion joints are an integral part of many different types of architectural materials. We often install rubber expansion joints or provide expansion joint repair services for antiquated expansion joint systems. Regardless of your expansion joint installation needs, we want to be your expansion joint contractor of choice.

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Expansion Joints Services Lancaster, PA

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Expansion Joints Services in Lancaster, PA