Wet Glazing Services Lancaster, PA

Wet Glazing Services in Lancaster, PA

Wet Glazing Services in Lancaster, PA

Many commercial windows are installed after manufacturing with a rubber gasket, also referred to as a dry seal. This dry seal relies on pressure from the window in order to keep moisture out of the window system. Over time, these gaskets shrink and are deteriorated by the weathering process. When the gaskets within the windows no longer function as an effective moisture barrier, we recommend applying wet glazing between the window and the frame.

The wet glazing name comes from the fact that the silicone sealant is wet when it comes out of the gun, as opposed to the gasket being installed dry. Our wet glazing services are tooled to perfection after the application process in order to create a uniform appearance from both inside and outside the window. Our commercial wet glazing business is ready to meet and exceed your wet glazing contractor expectations.


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Wet Glazing Services Lancaster, PA

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Wet Glazing Services in Lancaster, PA